my tattoo is so itchy i forgot this part is the actual worst

won 30$ at the track today~🏇🏇🏇

after 4 flights in 2 days i am so glad to be back at my parents house & my momma is making me french toast in the morning because she is the best momma ever~



Andrey Avinoff (American, born Russia, 1884-1948), illustration for George V. Golokhvastoff’s poem The Fall of Atlantis, c. 1938.

breakfast in bed tho~🌾🍓🍌 #stuckincleveland2014


I wish the kim k game was real life … *touches a bird on the sidewalk and gets $2*

©Daniel Naudé, Group of Ankole cattle. Kiruhura district, Western Region, Uganda, 2012

found a really beautiful place on craigslist tonight that’s on a working farm’s property & wow it is so beautiful & has well water & i really hope we will be able to live there~ 

new kitsune friend~ 👹✨

my tattoo came out so good~ but it’s so very ow & swollen i’ve never had a lot of shading done before